Favorite Films of 2009

So I’ve given myself enough time to catch up with some of the movies of 2009, but not quite all of them. This was a lean year for me– I’ve seen fewer movies in 2009 than any year in the last ten. So, to name a few, I haven’t seen The Hurt Locker, Where the Wild Things Are, The Informant, An Education, Precious, Bad Lieutenant or Whip It. But I intend to. Of the ones I have seen, here is what stands out:

The Most Fun I Had At the Movies Award: Inglourious Basterds
Runner Up: Watchmen

Most Thought-Provoking Award: A Serious Man

Best For All Ages Award: Coraline
Runner Up: Up
Second Runner Up: Ponyo
Third Runner Up: Fantastic Mr. Fox

Best Sign-of-the-Times Award: Up in the Air

The One They’ll Be Talking About For Years Award: Avatar


4 thoughts on “Favorite Films of 2009

  1. Heh. What it’s really missing is District 9. Will do an update after I watch Where the Wild Things are and the Hurt Locker this weekend.

  2. Not seen most of them.. Looking forward to watching Inglorious Basterds.. It’s good that you’re bringing out such favourites, as it narrows down my choices.. Just like college days where i used to read the books you’d refer to.. Works just fine for me..

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