About Me

I’m an engineer, and I work in network research in the Boston area. In addition to this blog, I have been making projects for the Internet since 1998.

  • Code: My latest effort is OpenCricket, an open source project devoted to the statistical analysis of cricket. I had a now-defunct open source project called getFlix, which helped people download and analyze their Netflix movie ratings. Back in college I created a natural language movie recommendation system.
  • Science Addiction: From 2005 to 2010, I used to write a blog called Science Addiction about tech/geek/wonk stuff, but it’s now dormant. It also hosted my various code projects. In the good ol’ days, that blog got Slashdot’ed, Digg front-paged, BoingBoing’ed… and even got a mention in the print version of Wired. So that was cool.
  • Cricket: I also blog about the sport of cricket (and its statistics) at Deep Backward Point. I was also the founder/editor of two other (mostly dormant) cricket web sites: The Sight Screen, which is a fan-driven cricket magazine and The Teesra, which is like The Onion for cricket.
  • Apple: I used to write a weekly column for Apple Matters between 2005 and 2007. Around that time, I also authored five chapters of Chris Seibold’s excellent O’Reilly Media book Big Book of Apple Hacks, available here.
  • Film: A few years ago I created a short documentary series on western influences on Bollywood music. My writing on film has been featured on IGN and Brattle Film.
  • GalaxyFarAway.com: In 1998, I created GalaxyFarAway.com, a web site about Star Wars. It is by far the most popular thing I have ever created on the Internet.

I put fun and interesting things I find on tumblr. I’m often on Twitter as myself, or as my cricket-writing alter-ego— live, off-the-cuff and ephemeral.


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