On Rangeela

On coming up with the title of my favorite Hindi movie, Ram Gopal Varma says:

I was thinking so many different titles for “Rangeela” and nothing was striking enough and one day as me and Aamir were walking in the lobby of Holiday Inn at Hyderabad discussing titles I suddenly blurted out the word Rangeela. Aamir stopped in his tracks and said, ‘say that again’, and I said ‘Rangeela’. He said “That’s it. No more thinking”. Incidentally “Rangeela” was registered for, of all the films a Mithun Chakraborthy action film and I had to use some influence to get it.

He goes on to demonstrate that he has a sense of humor about things:

Also sometimes a title can turn off people in the very beginning itself, case in point being my masterpiece “RGV Ki Aag”. It’s another matter that the title was a resultant outcome of legal battles but I am not talking of the cause here but of the effect on the viewer. The title sounds tacky, cheesy, arrogant, mad, to use just a few adjectives. I strongly feel that, for example if it had a title like “Contract” instead of “RGV Ki Aag” the film might remain the same but how one will look at it could have changed.

I recently saw RGV’s Rann. It’s an OK movie, with some good parts and no bad parts. Riteish Deshmukh is the best part of the movie, which is not what I had expected going in. If nothing else, it’s great to see RGV gradually regain control of his faculties. It’s been a long time.


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