Building a Movie Diary

Screen Shot 2020-01-03 at 9.08.10 PMI use Letterboxd to record my movie watching diary. I use DayOne (occasionally) to journal things. For a while now, I’ve wanted have my Letterboxd entries show up in my DayOne journal. I figured other people may want to do the same thing, so here’s how I did it:

Step 1
Set up an “if-this-then-that” (IFTTT) task. IFTTT is a wonderful bit of internet glue that lets you set up a number of different background tasks such as: every time I post to Instagram, download the photo to dropbox. Or, every time is updated, save the link to my Pocket reading list. And so on.

There isn’t a specific task for gluing Letterboxd to DayOne, but there is one for sending an RSS feed to DayOne. Set that up by pointing it at your Letterboxd RSS feed. Here is mine, so you can find yours by plugging in your user name:

From now on, every time you update your Letterboxd diary, IFTTT will add an entry to your DayOne journal.

But what about all your movie watching history?

Step 2

Here’s a python script to download the last 50 entries in your diary.

  • You will have to install Feedparser.
  • Change the username on line 7 of the script to your username.
  • Run the script: python3 > letterboxd.txt
  • Import the newly created letterboxd.txt in the File->Import option in the DayOne app.

Now you should have the last 50 Letterboxd entries in DayOne.

What about the entries before that? I’m working on an automated solution to that…


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