Bollywood Roots 3: The Beatles go to Bollywood

So, finally, episode 3 of my video series is ready. This time on The Beatles and India– how India influenced The Beatles and The Beatles influenced Indian music. Our story begins in April of 1965, with The Beatles filming Help in an Indian restaurant (Video).

Bollywood Roots 3: The Beatles go to Bollywood from Devanshu Mehta on Vimeo.

It’s been a couple of months since the last episode. This one took a lot more research, a lot more video clips, and a lot more writing. But I think I am more satisfied with it as a short documentary than I was with the previous two.

[You can find more from this series in the Bollywood Roots section. Also, you can subscribe to my channel on YouTube. YouTube blocked this episode in certain countries, so this one may only be on Vimeo.]


One thought on “Bollywood Roots 3: The Beatles go to Bollywood

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this creation…Having lived through the defining times of both Beatles and Hindi indian music,it was a treat to travel back in time

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