Bollywood Goes Geek

So- we were watching Pyaar Impossible yesterday, which is a silly little movie starring [Priyanka, Uday] Chopra and directed by this guy.

I’m not going to tell you if you should watch it or not– figure that one out for yourself.

The movie is laced with all kinds of geekery. Uday Chopra is ostensibly a geek– his room has pictures of Asimov, Star Wars posters (vote Grievous ’08!) and a picture of Steve Jobs on his bedroom door.

His dad (Anupam Kher) had a picture of Bill Gates.

Later on, Uday Chopra has a lightsaber battle with a kid and the visuals are reminiscent of the carbon freezing facility in The Empire Strikes Back.

Also, he’s created a software called Unity that lets you run software from OS X, Windows, Android, Palm, Ubuntu, Symbian and other stuff on the same computer, with the flip of a keystroke, like VMWare on steroids. No, he doesn’t say all those names, but those are the icons I saw. Those, and one generic tux penguin.

In the olden days, I would have sat watching the movie wondering who had all those ideas. Is Jugal a not-so-closeted geek? Uday Chopra? Some random writer in Bollywood?

But these are modern times. I just fired up Tweetie and asked Jugal Hansraj and Uday Chopra.

ooh more Pyaar Impossible geekery– a lightsaber battle! was this your idea @udaychopra or @JugalHansraj’s?

And four hours later, @JugalHansraj’s reply:

@devanjedi The light saber was Uday’s idea – he’s the Star Wars fan -as for me – give me ‘Lord of the Rings’ anyday!

Another glourious day for the Internet!

The only thing that bothered me about the geekery in the movie was that they kept using the phrase “program files” when they meant source code. As in, “I can’t give you the program files, but I can give you the executable”. Why trust the audience enough to use the word executable, but not to say source code?


6 thoughts on “Bollywood Goes Geek

  1. The “review” is so much more fun than the movie 😉 It is nice to have real people answer your questions in this world of internet.

  2. i know.. I never thought the review of pyar impossible could be this entertaining.. and honestly I din’t even recognize all the icons.. I guess humare geek friend ne dil pe le liya.. 🙂 tweet kar ne ka koi to fayada ho! – nice post

  3. AshaCoolkarni – That is all this geek friend of yours was doing while watching the movie! He was busy catching all the “geek references”. I had a kick listening to the songs…. mere jaise milega nahi koi 10 on 10 – really do you call these lyrics?

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