Bottle Shock

Bottle Shock (2008) is a great little film, about Napa Valley in the ’70s. It tells the story of a time before anyone took American wines seriously, when a little winery named Chateau Montelena competed in a blind taste test against the best of the French wines, with French judges, and won.

It’s “based on a true story”, but knows enough to tell the story as a small comedy of quirky characters and unassuming underdogs. It stars Bill Pullman as the owner of Montelena, Chris Pine as his son and Alan Rickman as the British wine snob who is organizing the competition. Freddy Rodriguez (El Wray of Planet Terror!) is understated, but good as Gustavo Bramila, who works for Montelena and has wine in “his blood”.


2 thoughts on “Bottle Shock

  1. It’s fun. Especially some zingers about the British. Rickman: “the reason you think I’m a snob is that I’m British and.. well.. you’re not”.

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