Emotional Atyaachar: my weakness

I have a weakness for silly, fast, loud Hindi songs which are so bad that they are good. There is a manufactured crappiness that gives them the same charm as a b-movie. It’s the lyrics plus visuals plus deliberate cheesy, campy, low-gradeness that puts them in the same category.

Emosional Atyaachar

Movie: Dev D

Key line:
Bol Bol why did you ditch me,
Zindagi bhi lele yaar kill me,


Dhan te Naan Aaja Aaja

Movie: Kaminey

Key Line:
Chal chal sadko pei hogi dhan tan…


Kajra Re

Movie: Bunty aur Bubly

Key Line:
Aankhein bhi kamaal karti hai
Personal se savaal karti hai


Tujhe Aksa Beach Ghuma Du

Movie: God Tussi Great Ho

Key Line:
Bachchan se tujhe mila du, aa chalti kya
Adnan se lift karaa du, aa chalti kya.


Ganpat Rap

Movie: Shootout at Lokhandwala

Key Line:
Thoda table veble saaf kar ke de na yaar…



Movie: Omkara

Key Line:
Bhitar bhitar aag lage
Baat karu to sake lage.


Honorable Mention: Soni de Nakhre

This song doesn’t quite fit in this category, but how can one resist pump up the jam keindi, o jaane jaana keindi.

Movie: Partner


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