Abhay Deol: The Best Managed Career in Bollywood

So we just watched <em>Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye</em> and while it’s not the greatest of movies, it tries all kinds of fun stuff, succeeds at some, fails spectacularly at others, but everyone involved seems to be having such a great time that it’s infectious.

And this has been true about every Abhay Deol movie I have seen: Ek Chaalis ki Last Local, Manorama Six Feet Under and even the silliness that was Dev D. He’s like early Edward Norton— I’d watch a movie just because he was in it and not because he’s the best actor around, but because the fact that he chose to do the movie is a pretty good endorsement for it.

Also I think he is my favorite Deol in the entire world, though early Dharmendra would give him a run for his money. Before the mein tera khum pi jaunga era.

Edward Norton’s first six movies were:

  • Primal Fear
  • The People vs. Larry Flynt
  • Everyone Says I Love You
  • Rounders
  • American History X
  • Fight Club

Then he went on to make 3 movies that were merely okay. But exactly 10 years ago, he could do no wrong.


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