The Graveyard Book

Yes, it’s still Neil Gaiman week.

Neil Gaiman‘s latest book, loosely based on The Jungle Book, is a wonderful thing. Where Kipling’s Jungle Book had a human child raised by animals in a jungle, Gaiman’s Graveyard Book has him raised by ghosts in a graveyard. There are a few other parallels, in characters and in passages, but this book is its own beast.

The Graveyard book

This was my third audiobook (I’m going to stop keeping count now), and Gaiman himself reads. He does an excellent job, doing the voices of all types of creatures, keeping it just as spooky and mysterious as it needs to be.

There might be a Graveyard Book movie. Can we have Henry Selick animation again? No, it seems like we’ll be getting Neil Jordan and live action.


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