Our Little Harmonica

And now to show my face on the blog. I picked up the Harmonica earlier this year. I can do the simple stuff, can’t bend a note yet and only do a pale imitation of a vibrato.

But here’s me doing the theme from Sholay (1975):

Sholay theme from Devanshu Mehta on Vimeo.

And then “Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar ke Charche” from Brahmachari (1968), with a lot of mistakes and a faulty harmonica (not to mention a faulty harmonica player):

Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche – Harmonica from Devanshu Mehta on Vimeo.

Any other suggestions for Hindi songs that sound good on the Harmonica?


6 thoughts on “Our Little Harmonica

  1. Awesome! I saw your guitar video too, I think you’re better than me (although I’m not much to beat). Can you do the tune for the Sholay intro credits?

  2. Out of the two names it is known by, I like the sound of “Harmonica”…. as if in harmoneee 🙂
    That may be the key to playing the instrument, I guess…. be in harmony.

  3. At my guitar lesson, I used the word mouth organ and no one understood what I was talking about. Everyone calls it a Harmonica in the US.

  4. i don’t suppose you’ve seen the dr k chaudhary videos that USED to be on youtube.
    anyway. this is the finest piece of music i’ve heard all week.

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