Our Little Harmonica

And now to show my face on the blog. I picked up the Harmonica earlier this year. I can do the simple stuff, can’t bend a note yet and only do a pale imitation of a vibrato.

But here’s me doing the theme from Sholay (1975):

Sholay theme from Devanshu Mehta on Vimeo.

And then “Aaj Kal Tere Mere Pyaar ke Charche” from Brahmachari (1968), with a lot of mistakes and a faulty harmonica (not to mention a faulty harmonica player):

Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche – Harmonica from Devanshu Mehta on Vimeo.

Any other suggestions for Hindi songs that sound good on the Harmonica?

6 thoughts on “Our Little Harmonica

  1. Out of the two names it is known by, I like the sound of “Harmonica”…. as if in harmoneee 🙂
    That may be the key to playing the instrument, I guess…. be in harmony.

  2. i don’t suppose you’ve seen the dr k chaudhary videos that USED to be on youtube.
    anyway. this is the finest piece of music i’ve heard all week.

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