What About a Funky Bunch Movie?

Mark Wahlberg is thinking about an Entourage movie. So now it’s my most anticipated imaginary movie, along with Arrested Development: The Movie and Star Wars Episode VII.

Even though Marky Mark is actively pushing Entourage, and Episode VII has been hinted at (30 years ago, and actively denied since), the only one I’d put any money on actually happening is Arrested Development. Because, every few months, we get an article like this: Arrested Developmentmovie: ‘It’s really happening!’ And Entertainment Weekly doesn’t lie.


Remember the Funky Bunch? Before Wahlberg was Scorsese material, before he was the enormously talented Dirk Diggler, but after he was a New Kid on the Block, he was Marky Mark. And his group was Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.


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