It’s Groundhog Day, Groundhog Day…

So put your little hand in mine…

… wake up campers and put on your booties, ’cause it’s cold out there.

Today was “Groundhog Day”: in the United States, which is too silly to explain; unless of course you are a film fan, in which case the film by the same name is much more silly, fun and deep. And it stars Bill Murray.

“Radio Open Source”:, which is a Boston-area public radio program and web podcast that is fantastic, had an episode on the film today. TRO assembles their programs based on suggestions on the blog, and one of my comments was brought up on the show today. On “today’s Groundhog Day episode”: my comment comparing Groundhog Day to Hermann Hesse’s “Siddhartha”: was brought up (at about 11:10 into the show) and discussed. Very cool stuff.

UPDATE:I thought I’d update this with my actual comments that ended up on that show:

In terms of religious metaphor, Groundhog Day is essentially Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha. The ‘enlightened’ path is unappealing and impossible to understand until the protagonist has experienced everything else. Once he has experienced everything else, the path is obvious.

Also, I just started reading “Stanley Cavell’s”: essays on philosophy and film where he has named Groundhog Day as one of the films of modern times that will be remembered in one hundred years. I agree; for many of the reasons discussed in the Radio Open Source program and for many of my own as well.


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