Raging Bull (1980)

“Summer of Film #28 of 100”:http://www.devanshanu.com/things/2005/06/12/2005-summer-of-film/
But for the machismo, Martin Scorsese’s Raging Bull could be described as a ballet or an opera. It is a strange dance all men dance to a certain extent; one that we don’t like to talk about and would rather that it stay hidden behind the facade of who can grunt louder or spit farther or generally be more macho than his pears.

This movie- though and through- is about flawed individuals, leaving us with no one to root for. This is a strange feeling, until you start rooting for the film itself; the subtle glory that it builds around its theme.

I do not know if this is Scorsese’s best- I find it hard to make those proclamations. But if you haven’t seen it, usually this is enough to convince people: “It’s Joe Pesci and Robert De Nero in a Martin Scorsese film”. Go watch it.


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