48 Hrs. (1982)

“Summer of Film #21 of 100”:http://www.devanshanu.com/things/2005/06/12/2005-summer-of-film/
Was 48 Hrs original in its time? It is hard to say- it has not aged well. The pace, action and humor expected of a film like this has risen to a level so frenzied that while 48 Hrs doesn’t feel like a bad film, it feels incomplete. We feel there are many action sequences, many more jokes and a lot more of a climax still to come; which is probably while a sequel was made.

A few things are easy to deduce, however. That a star was born in Eddie Murphy; he had been unleashed on the world and would keep going at a relentless pace until the ‘curse-of-the-family-film’ came upon him in the 21st century. Also, the buddy-cop-action-comedy genre was born and it would take 20 years before people tired of it. Oh wait- that hasn’t happened yet!


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