Happy Gilmore (1996)

“Summer of Film #18 of 100”:http://www.devanshanu.com/things/2005/06/12/2005-summer-of-film/
I almost feel like apologizing and explaining myself for adding this film to the list- especially after “Monsieur Ibrahim”:http://www.devanshanu.com/things/2005/06/28/monsieur-ibrahim-2003/ and before “Blue Velvet”:http://www.devanshanu.com/things/2005/06/28/blue-velvet-1986/ , but I won’t.

I cannot, however, recommend the movie- unless you’re doing absolutely nothing on a weekday (or maybe Sunday) night, your mind is blank (and you want to keep it that way), you like Adam Sandler, it’s the only thing on TV (that’s not reality TV), and you’re probably-not-going-to-watch-the-whole-thing-anyways-so-who-cares. Only then, should you watch Happy Gilmore. That’s why I did.

Ok, sorry- I wasn’t going to explain myself, but there simply wasn’t another way of reviewing this. The plot is that of a ‘hockey player’ who discovers a hidden talent for golf and goes on to play pro to save his grandmother’s home. Yes, and you can figure out the rest. If you do watch it, look out for Allen Covert as the caddy in his 2nd of 15 movies with Adam Sandler. Apparently, they went to NYU together.


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