Mad Dog and Glory (1993)

“Summer of Film #5 of 100”:
I sincerely hope there was a good reason for making this film in the first place, but let me put my critique of it this way: if the best thing in a movie starring Robert De Niro, Bill Murray and Uma Thurman is the great performance of David Caruso, then the movie has serious problems.

Not that I have anything against David Caruso; he’s a great actor, but you get my point. The plot, if there was one, involves a cop (De Niro) who gets involved with a ‘gangster’ (Murray) who runs a Comic club (and performs) because they are ‘not so different, you and I’ and the cop has saved the gangster’s life. Then the gangster goes on to become a leach- lending Thurman to him (yes, seriously) and showing up at his place of work (police station) with cake. Yes, this reads like the plot of What About Bob? and yes, this isn’t all. Thurman and De Niro promptly fall in love and in a utterly bizzarre climax.. but no, I won’t tell you what happens, that would be wrong. Probably not as wrong as actually watching it.

But wrong all the same.


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