Alice (1990)

I just counted- with this film, I’ve now seen 24 directed by Woody Allen. That’s easily more than any other single director; easily more than most have made in a lifetime. And you know what? He probably has the best success rate with me as well. Anything Else is his only effort I’ve been seriously disappointed with. This film, Alice is a delightful exercise in psychotherapy of the title character played by Mia Farrow- psychotherapy through herbal medicines, opium and hypnosis by a strange doctor in Chinatown. But all that is just subterfuge, just waving hands, simply a plot device that allows Woody Allen to make Alice have bizarre personal experiences- ghosts of her past, a muse, invisibility- that help her understand and then change her life for the better. This was also the last film Farrow did for Woody Allen.


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