On the Geek Cred of Zoe Saldana

So this weekend was a Zoe Saldana weekend. And to think that until 3 days ago, I had barely heard her name.

Within a year, this lady has gone from being barely known for a small part in Pirates of the Caribbean to having geek cred to rival Patrick Stewart (Star Trek and X-Men) Ian McKellen (Lord of the Rings and X-Men) and Christopher Lee (Lord of the Rings and the Star Wars prequels).

Saldana plays the female Na’vi named Neytiri in the James Cameron behemoth Avatar. And earlier this year, she played Uhura in JJ Abrams’ Star Trek. And so, she has entered fandom folk lore. Like the year Christopher Lee played Dooku and Saruman (2002), or McKellen played Magneto and Gandalf (2003).
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